Sunday, 14 March 2010

Unslurped beverages & quickfire recovery

A bizarre trend has hit Erinsborough - people are purchasing drinks and not consuming them. Toadie's sweetheart Sonya did it first, buying what looked like a coffee but then opting not to swallow it down. Hot on her heels were Andrew and Donna, who also acquired some liquid refreshments, only to waltz off leaving them untouched.

Zeke's animal-loving strumpet Mia followed suit, fleeing Charlie's before she could glug on her repulsive-sounding lime and tofu concoction. I know people lead busy lives but - at the risk of sounding like my dad - why shell out money for something if you're going to do bugger all with it?

I don't know how much wonger - if any - Lucas is spending on his rehab programme but it must be the greatest healing syllabus known to man. The mechanic was told in his hospital bed that his road to walking again would be long and arduous, but just one day - and one session of trundling practice later - Lucas was prancing around on his feet, albeit with the help of crutches. It's just too bad his new love Steph is up the duff with his brother's sprog and can't face a relationship with him.

Speaking of relationships, Susan tried to get Lyn into one this week in order to take her mind of conniving Paul Robinson. The singles' night at Charlie's was more up Susan's avenue than Lyn's though. Sassy Mrs. K was flirting like nobody's business, despite hubby Karl watching with intent at the opposite end of the bar. What with her blue box of sexy attire and now her flagrant amorous behaviour, the usually straight-laced Ramsay Street veteran has developed some really slutty overtones.

I'll end my dissection with Zeke, who remarked to Declan that he was half-way through his radio show, when in fact he had five minutes remaining. Kinski may be one of Neighbours' brightest sparks, but he is a mathematical idiot.