Sunday, 23 January 2011

SmackDown thoughts

• The Corre has all bases covered: main-event talent (Wade Barrett), high-flying entertainer (Justin Gabriel), muscular enforcer (Ezekiel Jackson) and, just like Girls Aloud, a ginger to round off the group (Heath Slater)

• Michael Tarver was in the background when Teddy Long was receiving treatment. When the hell did he move to the blue brand?

• That number-heavy Royal Rumble vignette is getting tedious now. We get the same thing every year

• Layla is hot, can wrestle and is amazing at getting beaten up. Three qualities I always look for in a woman

• How did Beth Phoenix not expose her norks during her match with Layla?

• Courtesy of the WWE vault, we had two R-Truth matches to enjoy on Friday night. I bet members of the IWC were rejoicing

• Rey Mysterio’s high winning ratio wears thin after a while – but I cannot remember the last time I did not enjoy one of his matches

• Why do all Americans call the thing you look in a “meer”?

• Jack Swagger completed an amateur-wrestling challenge without being clocked by his opponent midway through it

• I want to marry Kelly Kelly. Okay, not marry, because I believe wedlock is an antiquated protocol, but just gaze at daily and perhaps kiss her now and again. And when it’s my birthday, get to touch her bum. That would be good

• Whenever a wrestler chants “Get out of my ring”, it never ceases to make me laugh

• Due to a demanding girlfriend, I did not see the main event, though I know that Edge and Justin Gabriel were in it. If anyone out there is reading this, and I have serious doubts about that, please let me know what went down. Marks will be given for both accuracy and gusto

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