Monday, 23 August 2010

Makeovers, Mel and madness

I quite like Summer's appearance - her long fringe and tomboyish dress sense really differentiates her from many fashion-conscious young women. As a result, I find Miss Hoyland pretty captivating and sexy.

Noxious Natasha doesn't share my view, however, and made it her mission to give the horror-loving teen a makeover. She wanted to doll up her schoolmate so that her boyfriend, the terribly dreary Chris Pappas, would be turned on. Considering how wooden he is, though, Summer could dance provocatively around him wearing nothing but nipple tassels and he'd just about be able to raise a tentative smile.

Foxy Mel made her return to the show on Monday, as part of the Pirate Net strike saga, and I really wish producers would utilise her more regularly. Since the blonde glamourpuss has been away, the radio station's audience has transferred from a hip, underground group to one full of sexless nerds and shoe-obsessed adolescent girls, as emphasised during Donna's fill-in stint as a DJ.

Pirate Net owner Paul has even bigger problems than a geeky listnership - he has now realised that his golden boy Andrew was the muppet who unintentionally informed the savvy Diana Marshall that he had been embezzling. To say he is in a huff would be a dramatic understatement.

Judging by the trailer at the start of Monday's show, Paul will aim to rectify his problem by dipping his wick in his New York-based boss. "Urgh," was the noise that emanated from my mouth as well.

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